With the rise of zero-click searches, almost half of all searches do not even result in a click to a website.

This presents both a challenge and an opportunity for multi-location brands. They must showcase relevant and accurate information to searchers during their time of need, which starts with maintaining fully-optimized Google My Business listings.

Google Posts, are a lesser-known, underutilized content type which strengthen your listings and can help your brand improve its local visibility and stand out in search. Posts are an ideal opportunity to highlight new products, share offers, promote in-store events, communicate important updates to COVID-19 safety protocols, and more for local consumers.

Our "Google Posts 101" guide will eliminate the guesswork and help you craft compelling Posts that both inform and convert potential customers as we explore:

  • Post types currently available
  • Best practices for creating engaging Posts
  • Prohibited & regulated content in Posts
  • Commonly asked questions
Brands that are able to implement and leverage Google Posts effectively can see impacts such as fewer customer service inquires, increased views and conversion actions on local listings, a more positive user experience, and ultimately, growth of trust in your brand.

Download our guide today to learn more.