Meet the Panel:

Colan Nielsen

Colan Nielsen, VP of Local Search at Sterling Sky and GMB Product Expert

Colan began his career in the local SEO world back in 2010. He became a Google Product Expert at the Google My Business forum in 2014. This allowed him the opportunity to help 1000s of business owners navigate the often confusing world of Google My Business. In 2017 he joined the Sterling Sky team as VP of Local Search, and has served as a faculty member at LocalU and an administrator at the Local Search Forum, both affiliate organizations of Sterling Sky, since coming on board.

Sherry Bonelli

Sherry Bonelli, Owner of Early Bird Digital Marketing and GMB Product Expert

Sherry Bonelli, owner of Early Bird Digital Marketing and Google My Business Gold Product Expert, is a Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and digital marketing professional with 23+ years’ experience. She is a recognized presenter and speaker at leading digital marketing conferences, podcasts and webinars. Her digital marketing agency, early bird digital marketing, serves clients all over the country.

Stefan Somborac

Stefan Somborac, Founder of Marketing Metrology and GMB Product Expert

Stefan is a mechanical engineer who went to business school and became a marketer. He is a Google My Business Gold Product Expert. Stefan loves working with small businesses where the results of effective marketing are appreciated by the people who care about the business the most: its founders and owners.

Marshall Nyman New Size.png

Marshall Nyman, Account Director at Rio SEO and GMB Product Expert

Marshall joined Rio SEO as an Account Director after spending the last 9 years in digital marketing on both the brand and agency sides. He is a Google My Business Product Expert. Before joining Rio, Marshall worked at Dine Brands International where he led the charge on revamping the local search strategies for both Applebee’s and IHOP. While at Dine Brands Marshall became passionate about local search and online reviews, which led him to joining Rio SEO. Marshall loves to help brands grow by helping them improve their online presence.