Meet the Speakers:


Krystal Taing, Director of Local Strategy at Rio SEO

Krystal leads Local Product Strategy at Rio SEO for global enterprise brands across hundreds of thousands of locations in finance and insurance, retail, hospitality, healthcare, and more. Her extensive experience informing and crafting local strategy aids multi-location brands in solving their most persistent local marketing challenges to improve organic visibility, search rankings, and online-to-offline traffic. Krystal is a respected local search authority and a resource for marketers and businesses of all types and sizes.


Marshall Nyman, Account Director 

Marshall joined Rio SEO as an Account Director after spending the last 9 years in digital marketing on both the brand and agency sides. Before joining Rio, Marshall worked at Dine Brands International where he lead lead the charge on revamping the local search strategies for both Applebee’s and IHOP. While at Dine Brands Marshall became passionate about local search and online reviews, which lead him to joining Rio SEO. Marshall has his loves to help brands grow by helping them improve their online presence.


Ryan Weber, Director of Client Success at Rio SEO

As the Director of Client Success at Rio SEO, Ryan Weber oversees the local marketing success of global enterprise brands across hundreds of thousands of locations in a variety of verticals. Ryan has a long tenure of helping clients reach their goals, and prior to his role as Director of Client Success, he was an Account Director for over four years at Rio SEO. Ryan’s strengths in relationship building and local marketing make him a valuable resource for enterprise brands to turn to when scaling their local search initiatives.