Meet the Panel:


Howard L. Lax, PhD, Principal Consultant, Global CX Consulting, Americas

A CX industry leader with hands-on client-side and consulting experience, Howard focuses on applied solutions to CX challenges. His passion is working with clients to understand their challenges, help forge a program to collect the necessary data and then working with them to understand the results and implement change. Howard is all about results, partnering with clients to understand how the customer and employee experience drive customer behaviors and business results and how to measure and prioritize actions to improve the experience.


Mark Porter, Account Director at Rio SEO

Ecommerce professional helping multi-channel retailers and brands to optimize online customer experiences to drive revenue, engagement, and loyalty.


Ryan Weber, Director of Customer Success at Rio SEO

As the Director of Client Success at Rio SEO, Ryan Weber oversees the local marketing success of global enterprise brands across hundreds of thousands of locations in a variety of verticals. Ryan has a long tenure of helping clients reach their goals, and prior to his role as Director of Client Success, he was an Account Director for over four years at Rio SEO. Ryan’s strengths in relationship building and local marketing make him a valuable resource for enterprise brands to turn to when scaling their local search initiatives.